Price: $300

Seller: Terry Weyh
State: Oregon
City: Brookings
Zip code: 57006
Type: Music instruments

I bought this tenor new for $300.00 dollars,but I have some other mouthpieces for it,I have a Gold platted otto link.A selmer Paris which is the one that sounds the best.Also Have a C4 mouthpiece that sounds like a Goose in a power dive,but I will let the buyer decide if you want all three or Just one.This saxophone plays all registers and the pads all seal and the tone hole are as good as any other saxophone.I am selling this because I am changing to the flute,and my lung capacity is not good enough for a saxophone.Anyone looking for A QUALITY Tenor sax.I think you will be happy with this one.It played Good through all the registers right out of the case.I do not offer shipping on this sax unless the buyer is willing to pay that.I would like to Keep this sale local.I should mention also that this sax is made in the U.S.A.