Price: $16

Seller: Diana Hewlett
State: Oregon
City: Brookings
Zip code: 97415
Type: Books

I am promoting an e-book, I am the Grenade?  Sweeping the Environment for Love, on independent thinking, the social environment, overpopulation concerns, and the impact these factors have on love relationships.  The book is available on (google) and Clarissa Wilson Pine Press (bing and yahoo).
The book is addressed to a general audience of people looking for understanding to improve their lives and outlooks.  The most interested people will be those struggling in the relationship and job markets or suffering losses, economic or emotional.  Even those who have managed successful partnerships for years will find the portions of the book which prepare the romantic adventurer for the surrounding environment to be beneficial in clearing confusion about happenings in the work place, and more generally, the world. 
The book has a general healing message of forgiveness first for yourself, and also others by creating a mental outlook that comprehends the reasons behind emotional storms and experienced catastrophes like job loss, benefits loss, romantic rejection and neglect, infidelities, and other disrupting events.  The book also helps to bridge the widening gap between people who adopt religion to help structure their lives and those who do not have strong religious convictions.  Of course, the book also bridges the gap between men and women.
Please visit the website or Clarissa Wilson Pine Press to get further information.  Thank you for your time.